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Adult Class

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is designed to meet the needs of students of all skill levels through the use of movement, leverage and connection..  We provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment for everyone to train and learn along with a full schedule of classes so students can curtail their training regime to meet their needs.    
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has clearly established its dominance as the premier and most effective martial art on the planet.  The foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique was born out of what is effective in real life self-defense scenarios and most importantly what continues to work against a much larger and stronger opponent.  Studies consistently show an overwhelming majority of all self-defense incidents at some point end up in grappling on the ground. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu prepares people far superior than any other style of martial art for these situations and Bulwark Jiu Jitsu has the curriculum and experience to provide everyone of all shapes and sizes the absolute best technical training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
We are so confident in our ability to provide you with the best training available today that we offer everyone 2 free classes to showcase our instruction, our training environment, and the most effective martial art on the planet.
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Youth class
ages 5-15

Much like the adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, our kids Jiu Jitsu classes are designed to provide your child with all of the skills needed to successfully handle altercations that may put them in danger or feel uncomfortable. We understand the importance of teaching our kids not only how to defend themselves but also how to conduct themselves in any situation. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for our children is much more than a self defense program. It is a general life and growth program teaching our youth the importance of discipline, respect, and confidence. We know that confidence in your kids produces confidence in you as a parent.


Instructor Bio

My first experience with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was in 2002 when I joined an MMA(it was simply called No-Holds Barred in 2002) team.  I fought in NHB tournaments in the Can-Ams, The Colosseum in Vancouver, and Everett Extreme Challenge. I was also training and competing in submission wrestling and Judo at many levels and tournaments.    I had to take a break due to a military deployment, but when I came back I kept training and competing in BJJ and Judo while still keeping up my record of always placing in the top 3 at every competition.

I have had a long and bumpy martial arts journey and I believe that has only helped me be the premier BJJ instructor in Snohomish due to my competition experience(local, state, national,international) and deep appreciation of the art.   

Jujitsu Training

Class Schedule / pricing

Adult Class 

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday @ 6pm-730pm

Saturday @  8am-930am

Youth Class

Tuesday and Thursday @ 5pm-6pm 

Kids class price  - $65 per month

Adult class 2 x a week - $85 per month

Adult class unlimited - $100 per month 


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